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Sublimes in Design and Innovation

From simplicity to modernity, from elegance to grandeur, from design to timelessness. CIPS strives to meet the highest standards of market demand and the excellence of the services it provides.
Practical and innovative solutions that go hand in hand with the new trends of modern architecture.
Come and see the new collection and get carried away.


We produce doors with customizable measures and adjusted to the designs and / or models used in your projects.

Our Projects

Over the years we have been working for hotels, hospitals, schools and several institutes, as well as for individuals, always having quality as a factor present in everything we do.

+ 40 Years of Experience

  1. Foundation of CIPS
  2. Change to current facilities
  3. Expansions, 2nd pavillion
  4. Expansions, 3rd pavillion
  5. Expansions, 4th pavillion
  6. Implementation of the Quality System
  7. Expansions, 5th pavillion
  8. Portfire Brand Launch
  9. Internationalization of the company
  10. Opening of the Showroom - Exhibition Hall
  11. Creation of the company CIPS France
  12. Opening of the Showroom - CIPS Maroc
  13. Compliance with the Forest Responsibility Chain
  14. € 1.2 million investment in equipment
  15. Refurbishment / modernization of facilities